Saturday, November 17, 2007

Myspace Page

Y'know, from network television to stand-up comedy to free games, it's getting so you can't be or promote anything online without, at least briefly, having a profile on So, a few weeks back it was decided we simply had to add some metaphoric pee to this trendy crowded swimming pool:

So, if you have a Myspace page and you promise not to spam us with Macy's card offers and webcam invites, feel free to add us sometime.

1 comment:

~ Stacy ~ said...

I just have to ask: "Do you feel dirty now?"


In other words... Yeah, I have a MySpace page too. It's rather pathetic. But as you said, it was something I *had* to do. Look for me to add you the next time I log in. :)

And by the by, I found your blog through blogcatalog.