Monday, November 19, 2007

Myspace Diabocle

In our last blog entry, we mentioned our fairly new profile page. Well apparently, that was our jinx move of the weekend.

Yesterday morning, the Myspace profile for NinjaGirl Productions received and unusually high number (hundreds) of unsolicited friend invites. Likely related, at some point later in the day, the profile page was inexplicably deleted.


We have since emailed Myspace a few times on the matter, but are yet to get a reply. Now this, in and of itself, is strange and frustrating enough, but here's the really odd and annoying part:

Today when we checked the email address associated with our Myspace profile, it turns out we are still getting a significant number of friend invites well after the profile disappeared. Yup, that's right, we're still getting emails that say, "So-and-so would like to be added as one of your friends" even though nothing really exists at our Myspace URL, and we can't even log into Myspace anymore!

Honestly, we don't know or care how this is possible; but regardless of Myspace's chosen level of responsibility on the matter, the fact is we are getting numerous emails generated and sent to us by Myspace in regard to something that doesn't even exist anymore... so basically, for all intents and purposes, our profile got deleted for no apparent reason and Myspace is now inadvertently spamming the crap out of us... yay.

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