Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anti-Video Game Bill

Speaking as someone who has resided in New York City over the past couple of months, it completely amazes me how much tax money seems to be wasted here. The latest apparent example of this is bill # S6401A/A11717 which has passed both the House and Assembly and is now in hands of NY Governor Paterson. Dubbed by some as the 'Anti-Video Game Bill', if passed to law, S6401A/A11717 would waste NY tax dollars on redundantly investigating video games, in spite of established information provided by developers and the ESRB... and given the various quality of life issues evident in "the Greatest City on Earth" there are honestly much higher priorities for NY resources and tax dollars than this frivolous effort.

If you are, or know any one who is, a voter in New York state, please follow and share the link below:


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