Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cyber-Celebrity has updated it's list of Top 25 Web Celebrities. Interestingly, as much as you gotta love episodic video silliness like Ask a Ninja, the focus of the list has shifted from homebound aspiring thespians on Youtube to bloggers. Even more interesting, and less surprising, in spite of all the bottom-feeding, get-rich-quick, wannabe John Chows crowding the blogosphere of late, the writers featured on this Forbes list all seem to conform to the simple old success adage of finding your niche through loving what you do.

Personal note:
As someone who authors and co-authors a few different blogs, what this shows is quite refreshing. Sometimes when you are looking to promote your work and go sailing on the mass marketing ocean that is the world wide web, it can be very easy to lose sight of solid land.

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Owner of said...

First I wanted to thank you for visiting the SMB College Life Blog. I hope that you found some useful and perhaps interesting information here. Please let me know if there is any additional information that I can provide to you.

As far as the idea of doing what you love to do I completely agree. For instance, I've recently found that I love web design. More importantly I've always loved helping people, and by bring the two together I was able to create SMB College Life. I'm also fairly new to the blogging world, but I absolutely love reading about other's adventures, learning about new things, and blogging about the thing that's closest to life.

The Forbe's thing has given me another thing to strive for. It would be nice to be in the top 25 just by talking about my college life. I know it's probably high hopes but maybe it'll happen soon before I have to start blogging about the "Working Life," HAHA. Anyway, thanks!