Saturday, October 27, 2007 Relaunch Soon

From the perspective of a designer, I am always filled with cynical feelings whenever I see some variation of "Under Construction" or "In Progress" on a website for an extended period of time, whether it is regarding the website itself, or some project the website is promoting. As such, you can imagine I am very anxious to get the new version of the NinjaGirl Productions website up and running ASAP. At present, I anticipate a Halloween relaunch for the site, and it will feature at least 3 indie game titles at the time of relaunch.

Here's a preview:

Obviously this is still a WIP, but we will get there. As for the game featured in this image, it is a freeware title called Trippy Ballz. If you would like a head start on things and see what it's about, you can check it out here:

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shinykaro said...

Now if only someone would make these games Mac-compatible... hmmmm...

Congrats on the upcoming relaunch. Seems like you're getting your creative groove back.